Glow & Radiance Programme

How To Remove Freckles & Pigmentation Safely,
Effectively And Quickly To Get Beautiful, Glowing Skin


Are you suffering from any of these?

You are not alone

Almost everyone gets some form of pigmentation problems throughout their lives, whether it’s freckles, sun spots, melisma, age spots or otherwise.

Because of the constant attack on our skin by oxidative stress and ultraviolet ray damage, we are at risk of developing various pigmentary conditions as we age.

The good news

At The Ogee Clinic, we understand deeply how these pigmentation can affect the way we look and feel.

That’s why we’ve specially designed our proprietary Glow And Radiance Program to combat these unsightly spots so that you can regain your beautiful, glowing skin fast.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can effectively target unwanted melanin pigment molecules safely and quickly, helping your skin to become bright and rejuvenated.

This program is perfect for the busy individual who wants to fairer, radiant skin with a non-invasive, no downtime laser treatment.

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Visible results you can count on

You’re in good hands

Meet Dr Heng Wee SoonOur in-house specialist, Dr Heng Wee Soon, is the only aesthetic doctor in Singapore to achieve Board Certification accolade under the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

He is certified by the Aesthetic Dermatological Education Group (ADEG) in Singapore to perform dermal fillers, neuromodulator and other injectable, medical IPL, medical-grade laser, chemical peels, radiofrequency and ultrasound-based treatments for skin lifting.

Using various anti-ageing solutions, through a keen artistic eye and safe pair of hands, he is able to customize a treatment program for every individual for them to achieve their own unique beauty.

Because of his vast experience handling thousands of skin cases, Dr. Heng is the go-to specialist for expert opinion and aesthetic treatment.

From consultation, to treatment, to post-treatment care, you can rest assured knowing you’d be well taken care of.

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The Ogee Clinic is conveniently located right in the heart of Singapore, at 1 Raffles Link, City Link, B1-12/14 amidst the bustling landscape between City Hall and The Esplanade.

If you’d like to remove your freckles, spots or other pigmentation, make an appointment to see Dr. Heng by calling 6909 5370 right away.

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