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The Asian nose

There are a few common features of the Asian nose that patients dislike.

  • Low nasal bridge. This is the most common concern that is brought up by the patient.
  • Bulbous Nasal tip. Secondly, most patients complain of an unattractive nasal tip. The Asian nasal tip is usually bulbous in nature, with high amount of fat and cartilage content.
  • Under-projected nasal tip. The lack of support at the nasal collumella reduces the projection of the nasal tip, this further contributes to the flat facial profile of many Asian faces.

Traditionally, surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) has to be done to improve the above features of the nose. Now, doctors are equipped with newer techniques and products to improve the nasal definition in a non-surgical way.

What is PDO/PLLA thread lift technology?

PDO stands for polydioxanone. PLLA stands for Poly-L-Lactic acid. PDO is a material that is used in surgical sutures and threads for wound closure. In traditional surgery, the PDO threads hold the wound together while allowing tissue repair to take place. This material dissolves over time and is broken down and released by the body. With innovative bioengineering technology, PDO and PLLA has been refashioned into threads of various lengths and characteristics to achieve facial rejuvenation.

How does PDO/PLLA threads work?

These special threads are highly versatile, and a few of them when placed in a specific plane of the skin, will be able to give added volume and height to deficient areas along the nose bridge, improving the cosmetic appearance of the nose. Threads can also be placed to support the nasal columella to give added projection for the nasal tip. These threads are bi-directional, and works in a dual capacity of lifting and long-term regenerating. The effect of lifting occurs immediately due to the elevation of the overlying tissues and added support for the underlying structures. The collagen remodeling process make sure that the result is long lasting.

How the treatment is performed

Depending on the unique nasal shape and nasal height desired, the type of threads and number of threads will be customized to the patient’s needs. When placed down the midline of the nose, the PDO threads increased the height of the nose bridge, it also straightens the nasal profile when looking at the nose from the side. Once buried under the skin, the threads act as a support structure that gives an attractive contour, height, and lift to the nose immediately. For patients who desire a sharper nose tip, PDO threads can be inserted into the nasal tip at a precise depth to achieve nasal tip projection. The PDO nose threads used by Dr Heng also contains mini cogs and barbs that serves as anchoring points throughout length of the thread. This is an added advantage from the traditional ‘mono’, non-barbed threads by providing more lift, better nasal definition, and a longer lasting effect.

Am I a suitable candidate for this treatment?

Any individual who desire a more attractive nasal profile but are not keen on surgery should consider the Lunchtime Nose lift. Patients who have the following medical history may not be able to undergo the Nose lift:

  • previous surgical nose jobs (rhinoplasty)
  • current skin infection at the area
  • patients on chemotherapeutic or other anti-cancer treatments
  • patients on long standing blood thinning medications or anticoagulants

The above is a non-exhaustive list. During your consultation with Dr. Heng, an in-depth discussion will be conducted and an individualised treatment plan will be done for you.

What can I expect during the procedure

After assessment, the nasal area to be treated will be identified. Our staff will then cleanse and disinfect the area. Dr. Heng will give an anesthetic injection in the same region at strategic points, to ensure a painless procedure field. Once the nasal area is numbed, the PDO threads will be inserted sequentially by Dr Heng and each thread will be brought under the skin, into the correct plane to give optimal tissue support and connective tissue stimulation. If nasal tip projection is one of the treatment goals, the it will be treated at the same session. The procedure is completed once the desired nasal height and shape is achieved.

Any potential side effects?

The procedure, in good hands, is very quick and hassle-free. But as with all medical procedures, there can be potential side effects if the procedure is done incorrectly.

Potential side effects are usually related to procedural technique:

  • Skin infection and cellulitis
  • Sub-optimal nasal height even after threads are done
  • Nasal deviation may occur
  • Undercutting of thread with surrounding skin
  • Unintended erosion of thread out from the skin
  • A weird unnatural looking nose that is out of proportion with the face

Any of the following factors could be the culprit:

  • Sterile aseptic techniques were not followed
  • Wrong choice of threads used
  • Wrong number of threads used
  • Poor knowledge of anatomy
  • Poor knowledge of other available therapies for nose reshaping
  • Inexperience of the practitioner in thread procedures
  • Threads placed in a traumatic manner or wrong plane of placement

How can side effects be avoided then?

First and foremost, the procedure has to be done by a qualified, experienced practitioner. The skill and expertise of the doctor is a huge determining factor in the aesthetic outcome of the Nose lift. In addition, the treatment should also be carried out in a safe and professional clinic environment, where hygiene measures are taken seriously, and quality thread products are used.

Any precautions that I have to take?

This procedure has minimal downtime. Nevertheless, a set of post –procedure care instructions will be given to you after the treatment so you will know how to best take care of your new nasal profile.

A convenient, hassle-free way to enhancing the nasal appearance

– Dr. Heng Wee Soon
Medical Director, The Ogee Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

An anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure and an anesthetic injection will be given as part of the preparation process. This reduces the pain sensation at the area and patients will feel minimal to no pain during the whole procedure.

The procedure is convenient and quick, and can take 15-20 minutes to be performed.

After the procedure, there may be some localized swelling and redness which will wear off within 1-2 hours. People can resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure. Coupled with the fast procedure time, this is the reason why we call it the “Lunchtime Nose Lift”. It has become a highly popular procedure in the clinic. Occasional injection marks may remain prominent for 2-3 days, and you may conceal them with makeup or foundation.

PDO threads are not permanent, but long-lasting. They are absorbable over 6-12 months and eventually broken down and released by the body. While it is in place, PDO threads stimulates collagen synthesis under the skin, enhancing connective tissue support and improving the profile of the nose. The effect could last up to a year in most patients.

Most patients see a significant improvement in the nasal profile after just one treatment. A repeat treatment can be done within 3 months to maintain the result, or for further enhancement. This can be ascertained after discussion with Dr Heng.

We charge by the number of threads per session, and this varies widely between patients due to differences in nasal shapes and nasal profiles. During the consultation and facial assessment, Dr Heng will discuss with you the most suitable nasal shape for you, and the number of threads and type of threads that you can expect to be used for you during your Nose lift procedure. We will be able to provide a more precise quotation for you after your consultation and assessment with Dr Heng.

Nose filler for non-surgical nasal augmentation has become the norm these days. However, with the advent of nose thread lifts, these procedures have become increasingly popular and doctors have a wider variety of tools at their disposal. We appreciate that every individual’s nose is different in terms of shape, height and soft tissue characteristics. While most patients can benefit from thread lifts, some patients see more benefit from fillers. Frequently, Dr Heng may discuss with the patient and use a combination of filler and thread for a more beautiful, sculpted result.

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