Rejuran PDRN: Why Your Friend’s Rejuran Skincare Treatment is Better Than Yours

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If you have been hearing the word ‘Rejuran PDRN’ quite a fair bit recently, chances are you are not alone. This South Korea-originated treatment has been topping the aesthetic search list on Google for the past two years because of the amazing results that it supposedly gives.

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It seems like everyone is riding on the Rejuran PDRN bandwagon, trying to get their hands on this popular treatment for fear of missing out on its purported skin benefits. However, it is not uncommon to hear of highly varying Rejuran PDRN results. Friends who have sat down together to discuss about their Rejuran treatments often find their personal experience and results very different from each other. On the one hand, some love the Rejuran result so much that they cannot wait for their next Rejuran treatment, while on the other hand some others absolutely hate the whole Rejuran experience of getting no results for the injection pain that they have to endure.

Why is this the case? What exactly is happening? There are many reasons why your friend’s Rejuran result is much better than yours. And in the rest of the article, I will be discussing some of the more important reasons. But first, let’s recap!

What is Rejuran PDRN and why is it so popular?

Visual illustration of rejuran pdrn

Rejuran PDRN is a popular skin treatment that contains purified salmon DNA fragments, also known as polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). When injected, it helps in 1. Skin repair and healing, 2. Reduction and improvement of scars, 3. Restore elasticity and improve skin texture, 4. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and 5. Better skin hydration [1] [2]. These will then result in improved skin healing, texture, hydration, as well as the reduction of fine lines.

Visual illustration of rejuran pdrn_2

advantages of rejuran visual illustration

Its popularity can be attributed to its two main functions of repair and regeneration [3]. Rejuran PDRN in itself is a rejuvenating treatment that excels in improving skin quality, and in preparing the skin to respond better to other complementary treatments. In this sense, Rejuran PDRN is very versatile because of its ability to be combined with various treatments as a way to further boost results and to help the skin recover post-procedure. However, it is not uncommon to find that the results of the Rejuran treatment can vary from person to person.

Possible Reason 1: Your friend’s Rejuran is injected into the dermis layer, while yours is not.

Visual illustration of Dermis Layer

Rejuran provides skin revitalization by promoting cell growth through fibroblast stimulation [4]. Fibroblast promotes the secretion of various dermis components such as collagen and other extra cellular matrix [5]. So where are the fibroblast located? It is in the dermis. Needless to say, to get the most out of your Rejuran PDRN treatment, the Rejuran PDRN should be injected and deposited at this layer of the skin. Above, I have shown a simple diagram as to where the dermis layer is.

Possible Reason 2: Your friend’s Rejuran is less painful, while yours is more painful.

a woman having rejuran pdrn treatment


As Rejuran PDRN is delivered through a series of micro-injections into the skin, pain control is an important factor in determining the Rejuran outcome. Nobody can sit through an injection treatment if it is too traumatic! The comfort level of the Rejuran PDRN procedure can and should be managed by the clinic and doctor before and during injection, such that Rejuran PDRN can be delivered without much pain to the patient. With the patient being comfortable for the whole duration of the treatment, the depth placement can be more precise and the overall treatment more detailed.

Possible Reason 3: Your friend’s Rejuran treatment is more detailed, while yours is less detailed

a woman receiving rejuran pdrn injection

Rejuran PDRN injections are done with a micro-pomphous injection technique, with the following characteristics:

  1. Depth: at the superficial dermis
  2. Volume: 0.05 mls per injection points
  3. Injection distance: 0.5-2cm between injection points

In addition, specific problem areas like mild pigmentation, acne, rough skin texture with open pores can be further targeted.

It is not uncommon to have multiple bumps in your treatment area after your Rejuran PDRN treatment. Some of my patients even say that they look like they just walked through a beehive! However, these bumps are part and parcel of the Rejuran PDRN treatment and should resolve completely over 24-30 hours. Generally, the more detailed your Rejuran treatment, the better your results will be.

Possible Reason 4: Your friend’s Rejuran treatment is done by Manual Injection, while yours is done by Injector Gun.

This is often overlooked but a very critical factor in determining the Rejuran outcome. The two main methods of delivering Rejuran PDRN into the skin is by the injector gun or the manual injection method. I will delve into a bit more detail for this part.

rejuran injection vs rejuran gun


The Injector Gun Method

The first is the use of the injector gun, as shown in the picture on the right above. This is a popular method for some clinics because of its ease of use, and the ‘wow’ factor when a doctor whips out a piece of the technological device for injection. However, in my opinion, using the injector gun to deliver Rejuran PDRN frequently gives suboptimal results. The reasons may be attributed to the following:


visual illustration of manual injection for rejuran pdrn visual illustration of injector gun method for rejuran pdrn
  1. Wrong depth of placement. Rejuran is supposed to be deposited in the dermis layer of the skin to exert its effect. When using the injector gun, the needles are directed perpendicularly into the skin, this means that when the injector gun penetrates the skin surface, it will deposit the PDRN at a much lower depth, usually in the subcutaneous layer, instead of the dermis.
  2. Leakage leading to wastage. The injector gun is supposed to generate suction to suck the skin before 5-9 micro-needles deliver the product into the skin. Due to the mechanics of the injector gun, much of the Rejuran PDRN tend to leak out during the administration of the Rejuran treatment.
  3. Traumatic and easy bruisability. One way to reduce leakage is to increase the suction of the injector gun device. However, this will cause patients to be more prone to bruising after the treatment as the pressure of the device on the skin is much more forceful.

The Manual Injection Method

To me, the manual method offers control and precision for the doctor during the Rejuran treatment over the Injector Gun method. All this leads to a reduction of trauma and bruising for the patient, and in turn, leads to faster recovery time for the patient. Below is a video of one typical Rejuran PDRN treatment I have done using the Manual Injection Method.


Price of Rejuran PDRN in Singapore

A typical Rejuran PDRN treatment in Singapore can range from as low as $350, up to above $1000 per session! Some factors that may affect the price of a Rejuran PDRN procedure include the skill and experience of the injector, the number of treatment regions, and even the brand of the PDRN. Yes, riding on the popularity of Rejuran PDRN, there have been other inferior and non-approved brands of PDRN entering the Singapore market. Please only choose the Rejuran brand of PDRN for your rejuvenation treatment.


Dr Heng administering an injection to an unknown patient

Remember: a good quality Rejuran PDRN result depends on a good quality Rejuran PDRN treatment procedure. And a good Rejuran PDRN treatment procedure should be comfortable, employing a manual injection technique, with minimal wastage of the precious Rejuran PDRN, addressing rejuvenation for the entire face, focusing on specific problem areas, and as painless as possible.

In conclusion, to get the best out of your Rejuran PDRN treatments, it is imperative that you carry out extensive research beforehand on the process itself as well as the practicing injectors. It is important to find a skilled injector who has had sufficient experience in executing the relevant procedures, whom you are also comfortable with, before committing to them.

We hope this article has been informative in explaining why the results of Rejuran PDRN treatments may vary. For more enquiries on our Rejuran Healer treatment, please contact us.


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