Dark Eye Circle Treatment

About the condition

The presence of dark eye circles causes the face to appear older than the patient really is. Some dark eye circle conditions are natural, where the lower eyelid skin is thin, allowing the underlying blood vessels to appear more prominent. However, most dark eye circles are due to a combination of factors. These include: pigmentation on skin surface, volume loss in the cheeks and around the eyes, congestion of blood vessels around the eyes and orbit. With age and sun exposure, pigmentation results on the skin surface. Loss of volume that causes tear troughs will also result in formation of shadows in the region. Last but not least vascular congestion from sinus conditions and lack of sleep can occur to cause dark eye circles.

About the treatment

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We understand that every patient is different, and has different needs and concerns. Dark eye circles are caused by a combination of factors, and thus we provide a variety of procedures at our disposal to deal with different types of dark eye circles.

Treatment tools include:

  • Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers
  • Botulinum toxin injections
  • Rejuran Healer skinbooster injections
  • Vascular laser
  • Resurfacing laser
  • Pigment laser

Most patients can benefit with just the correct injection of dermal fillers. These are done to fill up the hollows under the eye to give the eyes a more rejuvenated look. More severe cases may benefit from a combination of the treatments listed above.

A combination approach to treating the dark under-eye region allows us to address the combination of factors causing the condition, enabling us to tailor a program individualised to each patient’s unique situation.

– Dr. Heng Wee Soon
Medical Director, The Ogee Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

For dermal fillers procedures to treat dark eye circles, Dr Heng uses a micro cannula, which is a blunt needle, to perform the procedure. This ensures that delicate structures around the eye will not be damaged, and also reduce the risk to surrounding tissue.

Nowadays, the dermal fillers that are used to treat dark eye circle are infused with an anesthetic solution. The procedure is also done with small micro cannulas, and patients generally feel little to no discomfort.

Almost all patients can return back to their usual daily activities immediately after the procedure. Some slight redness and swelling if occur, may last about an hour.

The improved result can be observed immediately. It continues to improve over the next 1-2 weeks.

Most patients see an improvement after just one treatment session. Patients with more severe signs of aging will be advised accordingly by Dr. Heng if repeat treatments or combination treatments are expected.

As the fillers used are made up of hyaluronic acid, they are not permanent as they will be broken down and released over six to nine months, depending on the type of hyaluronic acid filler used. For some patients, repeated treatments may increase the longevity of the result.

Dark eye rings are one of the more complicated aesthetic conditions. It is caused by a multitude of factors. Patients with severe dark eye circles will be inadequately treated if only one aspect of the problem is addressed. By using a combination of treatment modalities, we are essentially solving three major components of the problem- loss of volume, skin aging, and vascular congestion. This allows us to create better aesthetic results, which are long lasting. And in turn it translates to a more cost-effective treatment for the patient.

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