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    Facial Droop And Sagginess

    Are you troubled by your facial droop and skin laxity? Have you got up of bed one day to look into the mirror, only to realize that your skin looks tired and saggy or that your ‘face has fallen to the ground’, and it seems to have happened overnight?

    Don’t worry, you are not alone.

    About Our Skin

    Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and its firmness is determined by the amount and the integrity of the collagen within the dermis. By early 30s, we effectively stop producing more collagen in our skin, and the quality of our skin collagen starts to deteriorate.

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    3 Main Features Of Skin Sagginess

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      Facial Volume Loss

      There are multiple fat pads on our face, and each of them age and shrinks at a different rate. With reduced volume loss, the overlying skin has less support, and looks more drapey, like a curtain.

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      Loss Of Skin Collagen

      With time and multiple damaging factors, our skin collagen is progressively lost, and our skin becomes thinned out and less elastic.

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      Descent Of Existing Facial Structures

      Our bony skull, reduces in size with time. And this reduced underlying structural support will cause our facial muscles, fat pads and other soft tissues to descend and weigh down, giving a droopy appearance.

    Factors Accelerating Skin Sagginess


    Elastin and collagen found within the dermis, which is the deeper layer of the skin. As we age, the strength of our elastin and collagen molecules will be reduced. This is normal, or intrinsic, aging.

    Sun Exposure

    UV rays. Yes we know that they are bad. Constant exposure to UV radiation has been shown to degrade our DNA, reduce the repair potential of our skin, and also does direct damage to our collagen fibres.


    A highly stressed lifestyle has been shown to increase the number of biochemical mediators in our body system, which increases inflammation. The collagen in our skin is susceptible to this inflammatory damage.

    Lack Of Hydration

    Dry skin is more easily damaged, more easily wrinkled, and its appearance is worse than skin that is well hydrated. As more than 60% of our collagen molecules is made up of water, well hydrated skin also strengthens and prolong the integrity of our skin collagen.


    A puff of cigarette smoke contains more than 3000 chemicals, many of them strong chemical oxidants. These chemicals give out free radicals- damaging molecules which exert breakdown effect on our cells, and our skin tissues are not spared.

    What Can We Do About Them

    To combat the signs of sagginess and skin droop, at the Ogee Clinic, we employ the following principles:

    1. Tighten existing skin and ligaments
    2. Volumize shrunken fat pads
    3. Strengthen bony support of the face
    4. Hydrate skin deeply
    5. Lift up saggy areas directly
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