Wrinkle Treatment

About the treatment

Botulinum toxin, more commonly known as Botox, is an injectable neuromodulator that has a temporary effect on nerve conduction in our neuromuscular functions. Because of this temporary effect, botulinum toxin is used medically to treat contraction-induced wrinkles, enlarged jaw muscles, and other muscular conditions. It comes in various brands. The ones that are approved by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) are Botox, Xeomin and Dysport. At the Ogee Clinic, we offer only HSA-approved botulinum toxin products.

Beside the product quality of Botox, the skill and technique of the doctor determines in large part the success or annoyance of an anti-wrinkle injectable treatment. Dr Heng Wee Soon is certified by the Aesthetic Dermatological Educational Group (ADEG) in Singapore, allowing him to perform a wide variety of injectable procedures. He is also frequently invited as a facilitator injector for aesthetic symposiums and workshops, a further testament to his skills in achieving quality results while maintaining clinical safety and maximum comfort.

Besides the product quality of Botox, the skill and technique of the doctor determines in large part the success or annoyance of an anti-wrinkle injectable treatment.

Dr. Heng Wee Soon
Medical Director, The Ogee Clinic

Benefits of the treatment

Forehead Lines

Botox, if done well, reduces strong contraction forces of the large forehead muscle, allowing the forehead to look smoother and less tired. The key to success in treating these lines is the right depth placement of the product.

Glabellar Lines (frown lines)

The appearance of deep furrows between the eyebrows make one look angry, and aged. Botox is the best form of treatment for moderate to severe frown lines, softening the look to a more approachable one.

Crow’s Feet

The appearance of crow’s feet make an otherwise happy and jovial face look aged. Botox refreshes the patient’s face by weakening the muscles that are responsible for contraction around the eye area.

Brow Lift

Through years of subconscious frowning and squinting, a hooded eyebrow can make our eyes appear smaller than they really are. Botox can be strategically placed around the forehead-eyebrow-temple complex to achieve a brow lift without having the patient go under the knife.

Lower Eyelid Wrinkles

Due to the quality of the eyelid skin and repeated muscle movements at the area, these lines are one of the first to appear as a sign of aging. Botox effectively refreshes the patient’s eye area by weakening the tensed muscles that are responsible for contraction around the lower eyelid region.

Bunny Lines, Lip Lines, Accordion Lines along side of mouth

These lines and wrinkles develop through repeated creasing of the skin from contraction of certain small muscles of the face. Therefore, by relaxing these muscular contractions, Botox is able to reduce these lines and wrinkles.

Jaw slimming, Face Slimming

This procedure is the most popular Botox treatment among the younger group of patients. After Botox is injected into the jaw muscle, besides relaxing the muscle contractions, the jaw muscle itself undergoes a process known as muscular atrophy, which occurs over 3-4 weeks to let the face achieve a sharper and slimmer look.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

To treat this condition, we are using another benefit of Botox. Besides being effective on relaxing muscles, Botox injections are able to inhibit the production of sweat at the underarms or palms of our hands. Long-time sufferers of body odours and sweaty palms can be managed effectively with Botox injections.

Overall Skin Rejuvenation

When Botox is used superficially on the skin, there is tightening of pores as well as reduction in sebum production by the oil glands. The overall result is a refined skin texture and tone.


A wildly popular procedure originating from Korea, it involves injecting Botox into the derma layer of the skin, instead of the usual facial muscle layer. The injection points are focused on specific regions of the face and the end result is tightening and lifting of the whole face.

Calf Slimming

Calf contouring, or calf slimming, can be achieved with strategic injections of Botox into the calf muscle bulk. Beside muscle relaxation, a slimmer, more contoured calf can be seen in 3-4 weeks.

Natural Botox Look vs Frozen Botox Look

The old–time stories of horror Botox treatments that lead to fake and frozen expressions that surface on the internet, have caused many who read them to be fearful of such treatments. The same patient can be injected with the same product, and yet the resulting appearance can vastly differ. Why do they happen? There are many factors that go into a successful Botox procedure, the ultimate goal being a natural outcome. Among which are the following:

  • Dosage control
  • Depth of injection
  • Dilution preparation of the product
  • Understanding of how the product will behave in the patient’s skin

All these are important considerations in each Botox procedure. There is no one size fits all when it comes to Botox injection, as every patient’s facial anatomy has slight variations. And these variations have to be respected by the injecting physician.

With new knowledge of the characteristics of botulinum toxin, newer injection techniques, and development of controlled injections, your face does not need to have that fake expression. An experienced doctor will know how much to inject, where to inject, and only use quality products to give the best looking, most natural looking results. Dr Heng Wee Soon’s philosophy of Botox treatment is for your face to achieve effective wrinkle reduction while still being able to express itself. Natural results are a priority at The Ogee Clinic.

Desirable Look
Not So Desirable Look

My friend did Botox for a year, and felt that her wrinkles got worse after her Botox wear off. What is the reason?

One reason is that people tend to forget how they look like before the Botox treatments. The effect of Botox is not permanent, after its effect wear off patients will gradually return to their pre-injected state. Also, they miss out on the fact that the face continues to go through the natural aging process. Nevertheless, from our experience, most people who had undergone Botox love the results, and are willing to maintain the results for years to come.

What are the side effects associated with this treatment?

  • Minor swelling and bruising around injection area (temporary)
  • Mild numbness or tingling at injection site (temporary)
  • Drooping eyelid or eyebrow (temporary)
  • Allergic reaction (very rare)
  • Nausea or headache (very rare)
  • No improvement after undergoing treatment (insufficient Botox administered)

Can side effects be avoided?

Certainly. Many side effects and adverse reactions can be avoided with proper injection techniques, and correct preparation and precautions. Patients should avoid taking certain supplements before the procedure, and after the procedure, patients are advised not to rub the area for at least 6 hours, and avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours. Selecting a qualified doctor who has extensive experience in performing this procedure is a crucial factor in reducing the possibility of adverse reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Botox treatment is for people who have mild, moderate and severe facial wrinkles worsened by muscle contractions. It is important that you are in good health and have realistic expectations of the treatment.

You may not be suitable for Botox treatment if you have the following:

  • Prior documented allergy to Botox or other Botulinum toxin products
  • Pregnant mothers
  • Mothers who are actively breastfeeding
  • Active skin infection at intended injection area
  • Active herpes zoster (shingles) or herpes simplex (cold sore) infection
  • Chronic medical nerve/muscle conditions like myasthenia gravis, motor neuron disease

Botox injections are administered through very small needles and tailored pain control protocols to maximize comfort for the patient. The procedure is done over 10-20 minutes, depending on the needs of each patient.

There may be some redness or slight bruising after the treatment, which will dissipate quickly. Other than that, you should be able to resume your usual activities immediately after the treatment.

The treatment administered on the face for wrinkle treatments last about 5-6 months. Treatment that targets jaw muscle to achieve facial slimming generally last more than 6 months, and with repeated injections, we see patients needing lesser volume of Botox. For excessive sweating, satisfactory results can last up to 12 months with each treatment session.

A single session usually can achieve your desired result. To maintain the results, you may have to come back for repeat treatments every 5-6 months.

Definitely not true. Your face will not worsen or sag after the treatment effect wear off. Facial sagging is a sign of aging, and it comes together with the development of wrinkles and lines. Botox is done because it can help delay this wrinkle formation and skin aging, and will in fact will improve the appearance of your looks. This procedure is one of the best preventive measures for aging.

Depending on the volume of Botox required, your cost may vary. You can discuss this in better detail after a comprehensive consultation and evaluation is made with Dr Heng Wee Soon.

Dr Heng Wee Soon’s passion is in aesthetic injectable procedures like Botox, fillers, and threads. With multiple certificates and workshops under his belt, Dr Heng prides himself in his techniques to deliver maximal outcome through minimal discomfort.