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    Pigmentation Removal
    in Singapore

    There is a rising trend in people seeking aesthetic solutions for pigmentation removal in Singapore.

    These pigmentation disorders can arise due to genetics, excessive UV exposure, our lifestyle habits and even occupational requirements.

    The dark, brown spots and patches not only make our complexion look dull, these pigmentations can also be embarrassing for us, and make us lose confidence in ourselves.

    With the help of our professional pigmentation removal treatment, your skin pigmentation can be improved significantly, leaving you with brighter and flawless skin.

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    Common Types of Pigmentation in Singapore

    Pigmentation disorders are extremely common in Asian countries like Singapore. This could be due to chronic sun exposure, genetics, or even side effects of medication. It is also normal for Asians to have different pigmentation issues at once.



    1. Brown patches on both sides of face
    2. More common in Asian females
    3. Starts during or shortly after pregnancy
    Solar lentigo

    Solar Lentigo (Sun Spots)

    1. Dark brown coin-shaped spots
    2. Becomes darker and larger with age
    3. Usually on cheeks and other sun exposed areas
    Hori's Naevus

    Hori's Naevus

    1. Affects cheeks, temples, nose bridge and outer areas of upper eyelids
    2. Common in East Asian women (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese)
    3. Greyish or bluish patches

    Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

    1. Brown, ill-defined patches formed at site of skin injury or infection
    2. Can happen after acne outbreak or from using unsuitable cosmetic products
    3. Can become darker with UV exposure


    1. Tiny spots appearing as ‘specks of dust’ across the cheeks and nasal bridge
    2. Usually occurs in younger patients
    3. Can become lighter with reduced sun exposure
    Pigmentation Bumps

    Seborrheic keratosis - "Pigmentation Bumps"

    1. Slightly raised brown spots on the face 
    2. Non-cancerous pigmented skin growth mistaken as moles
    3. Happens with ageing or due to family history

    At The Ogee Clinic, we believe in providing the most appropriate treatment for pigmentation that works just for you.

    Pigmentation Treatment

    In order to achieve the desired outcome, we utilise a synergised combination for pigmentation treatment consisting of a suite of laser treatments, medical-grade pigmentation creams and oral supplements.

    Diagnose the Correct Condition

    The first step to an effective pigmentation removal in Singapore is the correct diagnosis of a trusted professional aesthetic doctor. There is no use rushing to a treatment without finding out the pigmentation condition that we are dealing with.

    Create a Personalised Plan

    Different types of pigmentation require different kinds of treatments. Our pigmentation removal approach is highly tailored for you based on your skin condition and severity of the condition.

    Reduce Reccurence

    We have heard stories of recurring pigmentation problems after the pigmentation treatments. Fret not, we will walk the journey with you to advise on the post-treatment care and habits that you should inculcate to keep your skin glowing.

    Treatment Combination for Pigmentation Removal

    As part of combination therapy for pigmentation removal, medicated creams are prescribed for daily home use. We also recommend oral supplements that have been scientifically proven to improve pigmentation conditions.

    Medical-Grade Pigmentation Creams


    Hydroquinone-based creams

    Hydroquinone is a compound that inhibits tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis. Application of this skin-lightening cream can lighten the skin tone and pigmentation through the reduced production of melanin.


    Cysteamine (Cyspera)

    Cyspera cream contains cysteamine, a natural molecule with anti-melanoma, anti-mutagenic, and anti-carcinogenic effects in the body. The application of the cream can help reduce the excess melanin in the affected pigmented spots.

    Oral Supplements for Pigmentation


    Heliocare Ultra Oral

    Heliocare contains the Fernblock extract. It confers defensive abilities to the skin to help fight against the damage of UV radiation. This patented technology demonstrated effectiveness in many clinical studies, and is an integral part of pigmentation removal protocols.


    Crystal Tomato

    Crystal Tomato® contains pure carotenoid extracts from a special breed of non-GMO white tomatoes. It serves as a sunscreen solution against UVA and UVB rays. Crystal Tomato has anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent melanin synthesis to aid pigmentation removal.

    How Laser helps Pigmentation Removal


    Dark spots due to excess melanin under skin

    Melanin is a brown pigment that gives skin its colour. Several different conditions or factors such as excessive sun exposure can cause you to produce excess melanin, forming deposits in the skin and resulting in the darkening of your skin.


    Laser breaks down pigment into smaller pieces

    When a laser beam is applied on the skin, the laser is absorbed by the pigment molecules (melanosomes) in the skin cells. This absorbed energy will break down the pigments into smaller pieces.


    Body removes smaller pigment more efficiently

    Now smaller in size, these pigment particles are removed more efficiently by our own cellular mechanisms, resulting in a brighter skin tone.

    Types of Laser Used for Pigmentation Removal

    We have a comprehensive suite of laser machines to perform pigmentation removal in Singapore. These machines differ in peak power and pulse duration, and have varying depths of penetration. This diversity allows us to treat different skin pigmentation conditions.


    Pro Yellow Laser


    Fotona Erbium YAG Laser


    FineMec Q-Switch ND YAG Laser

    What you can expect from
    Laser Treatment for Pigmentation


    Before Laser Treatment

    We will cleanse your face thoroughly prior to the pigmentation removal treatment. For sensitive patients, numbing cream may be applied to the treatment areas.


    During Laser Treatment

    You will be asked to wear protective eyewear and may hear beeping or tapping sounds as the laser beams are applied on the skin. The sensation of the laser may range from a mild prickling to slight warmth. 


    After Laser Treatment

    Post-procedure care includes application of recovery creams prescribed by Dr. Heng, as well as medical-grade pigmentation creams to be used at home. 

    Using Laser for Pigmentation Treatment

    The laser protocols are specially designed by Dr Heng Wee Soon for pigmentation removal to target unwanted melanin pigment molecules within the skin, leaving you with a brighter skin tone and a more even distribution of natural melanin.

    Woman happy after Pigmentation Removal in Singapore

    Benefits of Laser Treatment for Pigmentation 

    • Reducephotodamaged, and other UV-induced pigmentation
    • Rejuvenate your skin and stimulate collagen production
    • Restore your skin health over time by smoothing out other UV-induced fine lines that are visible on the skin
    • Revitalise of smooth, healthy, and glowing skin

    LOW Downtime

    MINIMUM Pain

    LASTING Results

    Details on Laser Treatment for Pigmentation

    A laser treatment session for pigmentation removal in Singapore will cost from $350 onwards. Depending on the severity of your pigmentation, it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 sessions in order to achieve your desired results.  The duration of the pigmentation removal treatment is approximately 15 minutes.

    • From $350 onwards

      Cost of Laser Treatment

    • 15 to 20 mins

      Time Per Session

    • Twice a month


    • 5-10 sessions

      No of Sessions

    Attain the desirable skin that you've always wanted.

    Our Recommendations for Pigmentation Removal

    Take a look at our clinic's aesthetic treatment options that will complement the pigmentation removal treatment.


    Rejuran Healer


    Medi-Facial (Coming Soon)


    Ogee Skincare System

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Stay away from prolonged sun exposure (> 20 minutes) during the week of the treatment.

    No other laser treatment within 2 weeks of the previous treatment

    No concurrent skin infections

    No history of allergies to light and laser therapies

    Stop products like glycolic acid and retinoic acid 3 days before the laser treatment

    Lasers are not bad for the skin. In fact, they can be very effective to treat different skin conditions.

    However, in the wrong hands it can cause complications such as:
    * Burns / blisters
    * Scarring
    * Hypopigmentation: permanent white spots due to too many sessions of laser done at too short intervals.

    Thats why we always emphasize for laser treatments to be done by a professional doctor.

    In Singapore, most pigmentation conditions that are seen are known as sun-induced pigmentation, and these cannot be cured completely by the pigmentation removal laser treatment.

    With UV radiation in the background, the skin may still produce abnormally large amounts of melanin and this will cause pigmentation to recur again.

    The important thing therefore becomes not just about treating the pigmentation, but also to reduce the risk of pigmentation recurrence.

    Most patients are suitable for laser treatments, except

    1. Concurrent skin infections on treatment areas
    2. Light dermographism- a form of light allergy
    3. Concurrent sun burns
    4. Cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiotherapy
    5. Patients who are going through pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Yes, pigmentation can turn darker after laser treatment.

    This is known as post-injury hyperpigmentation (PIH).

    PIH happens when the laser is done incorrectly, e.g. too strong settings or an inappropriate laser was used.

    Laser is a double edged sword. It can improve pigmentation, only if done correctly.

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