HIKO Nose Thread Lift Procedure: 20 Minutes to A Beautiful Nose

Ever wondered if it was possible to achieve a higher, straighter and more defined nose without surgery? Well, with the HIKO Nose Thread Lift procedure, achieving a Song Hye Kyo nose (deemed to be the most perfect nose by Koreans!) through a non-surgical nose enhancement procedure has been made possible, and done by the end of your lunch break.

song hye kyo's nose

Unfortunately for most Asians, especially of Chinese descent, a low or flat nose ridge and upturned nose tip are common features of our nose. It is thus no surprise that nose enhancement and augmentation procedures are exceedingly popular in Asia. Rhinoplasty happens to be the second most commonly done aesthetic enhancement procedure in Singapore!

If you’ve been looking around and talking to friends about nose augmentation procedures, you’d have probably heard of the HIKO nose thread lift. This highly-mentioned procedure is becoming globally recognized as a safer and better alternative to nose fillers for non-surgical nose lift rhinoplasty. With so much to love about the HIKO Nose Lift Treatment, we’ll cut to the chase and let you in on why you’ve no need to look further!

HIKO Nose Thread Lift: A Hassle-free Procedure

HIKO Nose Thread Lift A Hassle-free Procedure

Nose Thread Lift is a non-surgical nose enhancement procedure that yields a natural, yet fantastic results. Amongst other techniques, the HIKO nose lift is commonly done for:

  • Lifting low nasal ridges
  • Adding a projection of bulbous nasal tips
  • Correcting retracted columella (the soft bone between your left and right nostrils)

Traditionally, surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) has to be done to improve the above features of the nose. Now, doctors are equipped with better techniques and safer products to improve nasal definition non-surgically.

You’ll be glad to know that the HIKO nose thread lift procedure requires minimal downtime, and is more affordable than many other nose enhancement procedures!

How does this Treatment Improve The Nose?

graphic illustration of a nose lift

When buried under the skin, the threads act as a support structure to produce a nice contour, shape and height to your nose immediately. Depending on your desired outcome of nasal shape and height, our doctors will make an assessment and customize the type of threads, and the number of threads to be used.

When the PDO thread is being placed down the midline of the nose, it increases the height of the nose bridge and achieves a straightened nasal profile when looking from the side of the nose. For a sharper nose tip, the threads will be inserted into the nasal tip at a precise depth to achieve the desired nasal tip projection. You can also be assured that no cuts on the skin are required during the treatment!

Both the nasal ridge and tip (if required) can be treated during the same session. The procedure will be completed once the desired height and shape of the nose has been achieved.

couple rubbing their nose against each other

Though not permanent, the results are long-lasting. PDO threads are absorbable and released by the body over six to 12 months. While in place, PDO threads stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin. This enhances connective tissue support that improves the profile of the nose – an effect that lasts up to a year in most patients!

At The Ogee Clinic, the PDO nose threads used contains mini cogs and barbs that serve as anchoring points throughout the length of the thread. This is an added advantage from traditional ‘mono’, non-barbed threads that provide more lift, better nasal definition and longer-lasting effects of the treatment.

A Non-Painful Procedure

After the assessment, the nasal area to be treated will be cleaned and disinfected. Subsequently, the doctor will apply an anaesthetic cream before the procedure and an anaesthetic injection will be given to ensure that the entire nose lift process is painless.

Duration of Treatment and Recovery Time

Duration of Treatment and Recovery Time

There’s no gimmick about the HIKO nose thread lift being termed as the ‘Lunchtime Nose Lift’. Convenient and quick, the entire procedure will be performed and done in 20 minutes and under!

After the procedure, there may be some localised swelling and redness that will wear off within one to two hours. Occasionally, injection marks may remain prominent for two to three days, of which may be concealed with makeup. Other than that, there is no downtime and patients may resume daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Cost of Procedure and Sessions Needed

Cost of Procedure and Sessions Needed

In Singapore, the HIKO nose lift treatment generally costs between $700 and $1500.

Factors that determine the cost of a HIKO Nose Thread Lift can include: the type of nasal profile, the difficulty of treatment, the quality and brand of thread used, the expertise and experience of the doctor. At The Ogee Clinic, our doctor will assess and discuss with you on the number of threads needed for your procedure.

Patients see a significant improvement in the profile of their nose after only one treatment. A repeat procedure can be done after six months for maintenance, or further nasal enhancement. Most patients see lasting results of about a year.

How is HIKO Nose Lift Safer?

Prior to the HIKO nose lift technique, non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures used soft tissue fillers such as liquid paraffin wax and medical-grade silicone gel. However, these materials have been proven to be biologically harmful, causing ulcers and infections that lead to granulomas (see picture below).

Even with the advancement of injectable fillers which introduced hyaluronic acid gel as an injectable implant, there are also reports from other parts of the world where fillers inadvertently enter into surrounding arteries during injection and cause complications like skin necrosis. We would like to point out that these complications are exceedingly rare, but are still traumatic to the patient.

Skin necrosis after filler injection

(Picture above: Skin necrosis after filler injection)

With HIKO nose lift techniques, these threads have no risk of causing skin necrosis like those shown above, because they are inserted and placed subcutaneously through the use of blunt micro-cannulas, and not injected into the skin through a sharp needle.

The HIKO threads are made up of PDO (Polydioxanone) or PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic-Acid). These are materials traditionally used in surgical sutures to stitch wounds. Over time, these material dissolves and breaks down into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) to be released by the body. Thanks to innovative bioengineering technology, we now have very safe materials and techniques for non-surgical nasal augmentation.

Are there any Side Effects then?

woman sneezing

HIKO nose thread lift procedures are very quick and hassle-free. But as with all medical procedures, there can be potential side effects if not performed correctly. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment by an experienced and reliable medical aesthetics practitioner.

Potential side effects are usually caused by erroneous procedural techniques. Neglecting proper sterilization procedure, the wrong choice of types and number of threads used, poor knowledge of anatomy and threads placed in a traumatic manner or wrong plane of placement; may cause the following negative side effects:

  • Skin infection
  • Sub-optimal nasal height
  • Nasal deviation
  • Undercutting of thread with the surrounding skin
  • Unintended erosion of thread out from the skin
  • Odd and unnatural looking nose out of proportion with the face

All Patients Deserve a Safe and Successful Nose Lift Procedure

dr heng performing a nose lift on his patient

The skill and expertise of the doctor is a huge determining factor in the aesthetic outcome of a nose lift. Treatment should be carried out in a safe and professional clinic environment, with strict hygiene standards, and where quality thread products are used.

At The Ogee Clinic, our doctors are qualified professionals with years of experience in medical aesthetic nose lift procedures. Contact us for a consultation for your nose lift assessment today!


Dr. Heng Wee Soon

Dr. Heng Wee Soon

As Allergan Singapore’s medical trainer, Dr Heng stands out when it comes to facial enhancement using Botox and Dermal Filler treatments, for his dedication in natural-looking results in face and neck procedures.

Dr Heng’s work primarily focuses on non-invasive techniques to achieve desirable facial contouring. With extensive expertise and experience in this field, Dr Heng is involved in educating and training aesthetic medical doctors to improve the quality and safety of cosmetic injectable treatments.

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